Compounding for Animals

Most of us who have pets love our animals like they are own children.  Just as we want the best medical care for our children, we also expect nothing less for our furry family members.   Animals can have the same diseases that afflict humans, such as diabetes, seizures, heart disease, obesity, skin issues, and cancer.  For their unique health needs, compounding pharmacies may help.

Compounding allows for innovative solutions to address challenging veterinary problems. The challenges pet owners face when it comes to pet meds include effective dosage administration, appropriate doses based on animal size, and commercially unavailable products.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a cat to swallow a pill.  Even if you hide medicine in food, most animals could sniff it out and avoid taking it.  By working with a veterinarian, compounding pharmacists could prepare meds with enticing flavors, such as grilled chicken, beef, fish, fruit, etc.  Medication doses could also be manipulated to treat different animal sizes to increase effectiveness and decrease negative effects.  In addition, if your pet is sensitive to an ingredient in a medication (i.e. lactose), that particular ingredient could be omitted in a compound prescription.  With medications that work well for your pets, but have suddenly become unavailable or discontinued by the manufacturer, compounding pharmacies may help continue to provide your pet’s therapy.

Admix Compounding Pharmacy will work closely with your veterinarian to assist with any of your pets’ specific needs.  A healthy pet = a happy pet :)

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